Dear customers,


"AREGAK" UCO CJSC informs that during the current situation in RA, the Organization is ready to support and provide an individual approach to its clients, especially to the individuals and legal entities who are affected by the spread of the coronavirus epidemic preventive measures during the current situation in RA.

At the moment, the most vulnerable groups of the RA economy are small and medium-sized enterprises operating in hotel, tourist, public food industry and entertainment sectors, whose incomes have decreased due to circumstances beyond their control, making it difficult to fulfill credit obligations according to the contract,


1. can apply to "AREGAK" UCO CJSC in order to get an individual approach for credit obligations (delay of payment of principal amount and interest, revision of schedules).

2.  the postponement of credit obligations during this period does not assume writing off credit obligations. Loan interest and principal amounts will be calculated and distributed over the remaining months of the loan schedule, respectively, according to the new schedule.

3.at the same time, we encourage all customers who have the opportunity to make their payments on time, not to delay them: in order to avoid the increasing credit burden on a monthly basis in the future,

4. we encourage you to use online financial services, billing applications and online banking services as much as possible for reducing physical contact.


We encourage you to keep calm and not to create panic situations. In case of problems, you can contact "AREGAK" UCO CJSC’s telephone number 060 477 577 for getting additional advice.