25 000 trees on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of “AREGAK” UCO CJSC’s establishment

"AREGAK” UCO CJSC has initiated a 25,000 tree forest program with “MYFOREST.AM” NGO and has implemented a forest care program in the next 3 years on the occasion of its 25th anniversary.

In April of this year the afforestation works have already started and implemented in the area of about 6 hectares located in Jrashen community of Lori region.

With this program, "AREGAK” UCO will contribute to the development of forest ecosystems, as well as to the development of local communities. Residents of local communities are involved in this work, with the possibility of receiving new environmental and afforestation knowledge. This step is an important stimulus for the development of job opportunities for the locals. Fruit trees will also be planted with endemic trees in the newly planted forest: walnut, wild pear, apple and so on.

Adhering to its mission, “AREGAK” UCO keeps the economic and social development of super small and small entrepreneurs in the center of attention.