Scholarship allowance-18th round

Scholarship allowance-18th round<br /> “Student Tuition Reimbursement Program”

General overview of the program

“UMCOR Armenia” charity foundation continues the “Student Tuition Reimbursement Program” in which students who are family members of the best borrowers of the AREGAK Universal Credit Organization can participate.

In the 18th round of the Program partial reimbursement of the tuition fees for the second semester of the 2020-2021 academic year is planned.

  • The program will be on a competitive basis,
  • The maximum amount of reimbursement for the semester will be 100.000 AMD,
  • A new competition will be announced for each semester,
  • Only one student per family can receive tuition reimbursement.


Who can apply։

Borrowers of AREGAK who have a student family member can apply for the program. Within the framework of this Program grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, children, or other relative living in the same house are considered “Family”.

The criteria for the borrower’s/student’s participation in the Program are as follows:

  • have an active credit at AREGAK at the time of application and tuition reimbursement,
  • study at a state or private higher educational institution of RA/NKR,
  • at the time of submitting the application and reimbursement of the tuition fee are not in the army or in academic leave,
  • have at least completed one semester

 ! The participants of previous rounds can apply again.  

  How to apply

  • In order to apply it is necessary to download the sample Application form, print it and fill, (Application sample),
  • Scan the properly filled and signed application along with other required documents (in the absence of the possibility of scanning, take a photo with your phone` making sure that the quality is high) and send it to usum@umcor.am  from your personal e-mail address before the deadline of application acceptance, mentioning the borrower’s/ student’s name and surname and the AREGAK branch in the Subject field
  • The application and the documents are considered accepted upon receipt of confirmation reply from usum@umcor.am within 5 working days.


List of documents necessary to attach with the application

  • Copy of Student’s passport or ID,
  • The average qualitative grade of the student’s progress approved by the university
  • Statement from the municipality /about the family members: name, surname, relation with the student, date of birth/.
  • Copy of AREGAK’s borrower’s passport or ID,
  • If there is a disabled person/s in the family, a copy of the disability certificate with a valid period of disability.
  • If the student is orphan: relevant documents.
  • If there are other family members who are students studying in a paid educational institution: relevant statement, confirming that the students are studying on a paid basis.


Program schedule





Application acceptance

From January 15, 2021 to February 15, 2021


Posting the list of selected students in AREGAK offices/website

 After March 1, 2021


Reimbursement of tuition

After March 12, 2021



Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

Only fully completed application forms along with the required documents will be considered for participation in the program.


Tuition Transfer Process

Tuition fees will be transferred to the bank account of the university. 


Contact if you have any questions

“UMCOR” staff tel.: (091) 215 825; (099) 161 878